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RBI Benefits Training works with federal employees to shed light on a stressful time of life by helping those planning for retirement. Our goal is to bring peace as we help individuals understand the intricate details of proper planning for each individual situation.

We are a small business offering training and other resources on federal benefits to federal employees contemplating retirement.

Our trainers have in-depth knowledge of the federal system and have assisted thousands of federal employees through the transition into retirement.

Our trainers stay abreast of the changes to the government retirement systems. Each trainer uses education and experience to bring the knowledge needed to each federal employee participating in a training session. Our training addresses the complexities of the federal retirement system, covering all the benefits available to federal employees. We also meet the needs of special provision employees such as the LEO, ATC, Firefighter, and CBPO employees.

Core Competencies
Please see the chart on the following page for a more detailed description of the core training topics we provide. We offer a variety of sessions and are also able to customize an event to meet a specific agency’s needs. Training also may include one-on-one consultations and personal follow-up for attendees after the event upon request.

Course Title Course Descriptions
Pre-Retirement Training This course is designed to give CSRS, CSRS Offsets, FERS, FERS XFERS and Special Provisions employees an in-depth understanding of the federal retirement system. Employees will hand calculate their annuity, learn strategies for tax-planning and identify key decisions for other benefits to include FEHB, FEGLI, FLTCIP, TSP, Roth TSP and Social Security. Included in the calculations, employees will estimate their net bring-home income in retirement. Having an understanding of how their benefits work in retirement gives employees the chance to begin preparing for their future and to make more informed decisions.
Planning for Retirement and Retirement Beyond the Pension Training In addition to the Pre-Retirement Training, this course is designed to encourage and motivate attendees to begin planning their future days in retirement. The transition from federal employee to retiree can be a struggle for some individuals, emotionally and mentally. This course requires attendees to think beyond the financial aspects of retirement and to consider how they will fill their days in retirement. Topics taught in this course, in detail, are as follows: 5 Fundamentals of an Inspired Retirement, Retirement Beyond the Pension, Design a Personal Mission Statement, Create a Retirement Timesheet, Retirement Recalibration.
Mid-Career Retirement Planning Attendees are given the tools to calculate their own annuity estimates, hypothetical TSP projections, and estimated net bring-home income in retirement. In addition to retirement calculations, attendees will also learn about the importance of budgeting and the significance of planning for retirement early. This course typically consists of both FERS and CSRS attendees but can be customized if requested. Federal benefits also taught in this course, in detail, are as follows: Social Security, Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), TSP, Traditional and Roth, FEHB, FEGLI.
New Employee Benefits Training This informational workshop focuses intently on each employee benefit program to ensure a better understanding of the benefits available to the new employees. Each attendee will be given the tools to understand how each program works and how they can best receive the maximum benefits available. Federal benefit programs covered in this course include, but are not limited to: FEHB, Survivor Benefit, FEGLI, TSP (Traditional and Roth).