About Retirement Benefits Institute

The federal retirement system can be extremely difficult to navigate. At retirement, federal employees are required to make many decisions that will have permanent consequences on their futures. The trainers and staff at Retirement Benefits Institute (RBI) have in depth knowledge of the federal system and have assisted hundreds of employees through this confusing though exciting transition.

Retirement Benefits Institute exists to educate federal employees on their CSRS FERS benefits. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn valuable information to help them identify and manage key decisions to be made at retirement.

As a training organization, we offer instructional sessions tailored to federal agency needs. We offer a variety of sessions ranging from day long sessions to one hour lunch and learn sessions. We also meet the needs of special provision employees such as the LEO, ATC, Firefighter, CBPO employees.

Our trainers stay fully aware of the changes to the government retirement systems. Each trainer has numerous years of experience in their field of expertise, and uses that education and experience to bring the knowledge needed to each federal employee participating in a training session.

The education offered will assist each participant in aligning their federal benefits with the rest of their life. We strive to provide quality benefits education to all federal employees.